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3D Printed Knee Brace

3D Printed scaled down prototype
3D Printed scaled down prototype

Through the application of 3D scanning, a custom fitting knee brace was created with specific geometric patterns aimed at treating and preventing specific injuries. Manipulating a .STL file through the use of medical design software (3matic) can produce a custom designed brace which provides a comfortable, flexible and supportive brace that can be 3D printed from a flexible filament.


This service is designed to be used by physiotherapists or personal trainers to help patients recover from or prevent injuries.


Extended description:

"Utilising 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, create a totally custom fitted knee brace that is optimised for 3D printing."

I used a 3D scan of my own leg to create a 3D model and bring this into a CAD environment. I then used the program 3Matic to manipulate the .stl scan file and create intricate lightweight structures which make up the surface of the brace. These structures can have determined gaps between joins, thicknesses and can be polygonal or triangular lattices. 

Several braces where conceptualised using this software, changing the lattice structure in certain areas to match the appropriate level of support needed due to particular injuries or conditions. The idea was to scan a patient at a physiotherapist or trainer, use this scan to create a custom fitted brace and then 3D print the brace in a human safe, non-irritating flexible material such as 'ninja flex' or 'TPU flex' filament.

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