3D Printed Plant Pots

Designed to be printed in a biodegradable material, this range of succulent pots can be scaled up or down depending on plant size. With theming from the Mayan and Aztec temples of ancient history, these plant pots feature unique and intricate geometries, designed specifically for 3D printing. Each plant pot also features a water tray base, which when filled creates a floating affect around the temple.

Extended description:

"Design a range of plant pots that can hold small to medium sized plants, conforming to the manufacturing limitations of FDM 3D printing."

The range of plant pots that were created were inspired by ancient aztec and mayan temples. Each pot has its own unique character and features, and comes with a water tray base which gives the affect the pot is floating on water.

The pots were designed to be printed on a desktop FDM 3D printer, meaning that certain design influences needed to be accounted for such as water tightness, staining from soil/dirt and infill percentages to prevent warping.

The temples were designed to be printed in PLA, meaning that they are sustainable and can actually biodegrade back into the environment (PLA is a plastic made from corn starch and sugar cane). 

I've tested several prototypes and they make excellent gifts for birthdays, mother's or father's day due to their customisation option allowing personal messages or quotes to be added to the pot.​