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Adrian McCormack

Gold coast, Queensland, Australia.

My primary role for the last 7 years has been a lecturer of industrial design at Griffith University. I teach primarily Solidworks and Keyshot programs each trimester. Students learn the ins and outs of Solidworks features, surfacing, sheet metal and 2D drawing tools to enable them to create 3D and 2D prototypes of their designs.


Students also receive the benefits of an extra 100+ videos about Solidworks, looking at how to top-down model, master part modelling techniques, use of configurations and other more complex tools which we do not get time during trimester to play with.

I am also working on my PhD, which looks at improving electrode management equipment for functional electrical stimulation therapy. 

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Student Experience of Teaching Commendation for the 2021 Academic Year conferred by the Deputy Vice Chancellor


Certificate of Nomination for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award, Trimester 1, 2019 Griffith School of Engineering and Built Environment, Gold Coast Campus.


Certificate of Nomination for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award, Trimester 2, 2017 Griffith School of Engineering, Gold Coast Campus.


Finalist for Design Institute of Australia's Queensland Industrial Design Graduate of the Year.


Best Portfolio for 2016 Bachelor of Industrial Design.

Academic Achievement Award for Griffith University Bachelor of Industrial Design.


Academic Achievement Award for Griffith University Bachelor of Industrial Design.

Background Overview

Graduated a Bachelor of Business, with a major in Sports Management and a minor in Event Management in 2012. I completed this degree at Griffith University Gold Coast.

Graduated a Bachelor of Industrial Design at Griffith University, Gold Coast 2016.

My skills are in the areas of CAD modelling, 3D scanning and 3D printing. I have gained a strong knowledge of Solidworks modelling and currently teach this program to design and engineering students at Griffith University. I also have a sound knowledge of rendering 3D models in Keyshot.

I have trained people in industry to improve their competence with CAD programs such as Solidworks and Keyshot. These sessions have provided them with advanced skills to improve the way their companies operate and present their products to the consumer market. 

In 2020 I completed my Bachelor of Design Honours degree with first class honours. I have continued my project from my honours year into my PhD research which started in May of 2021.


This industry continues to intrigue me everyday, and I endeavour to learn more about the design world of today and the possible opportunities it could provide me!

If you would like a full copy of my CV please contact me here.



  • 3D modelling using Solidworks and Keyshot- 5 years experience in teaching this software at university.

  • Solid and surface 3D modelling using Solidworks.

  • Top-down modelling using the 'master model' technique.

  • Reverse engineering using Solidworks.

  • 3D rendering using Keyshot.

  • Design for 3D printing manufacturing.

  • 3D printer operation and maintenance (FDM).

  • 3D scanning using Artec 3D scanners.

  • Point cloud data managament.

  • Mesh creation and manipulation from 3D scan data.

  • Precision prototyping with 3D printing.

  • Project management.

  • Product marketing.

  • Social media marketing.

Work History - Design

May 2021- Current

PhD Research Candidate at Griffith University, researching electrode management and applicator products for spinal cord injury rehabilitative therapy.

March 2017- Current

Sessional lecturer for Queensland College of Arts (Gold Coast and South Bank) and Griffith School of Engineering and Built Environment (Gold Coast).

Courses include:

  • 1622QCA Introduction to 3D Design

  • 1701ENG Creative Engineering

  • 2639QCA Digital Modelling for Design

  • 1022ENG Engineering Design Practice

  • 2648QCA Product Narratives

Feb 2017- March 2018

3D Space Labs- Industrial designer, CAD 3D modeling and training, 3D Scanning technician and training, 3D Printer technician and training. 

Aug 2015- Nov 2016

Student mentor for Industrial Design at Griffith University Gold Coast.

2015- 2017

Student Ambassador for 3D Hubs at Griffith University Gold Coast.



Bachelor of Design Honours, First Class, Griffith University South Bank and Gold Coast.

Project Title: 'A Human Centered Design Approach to Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Equipment'.


Bachelor of Industrial Design, Griffith University Gold Coast.


Bachelor of Business Majoring in Sports Management and Minoring in Event Management, Griffith University Gold Coast.


High School Certificate 80.1UAI.

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