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Misc. CAD Models

Rat Rod.1
Rat Rod.3
Rat Rod.7
Rat Rod.6
Rat Rod.2
Rat Rod.4
Rat Rod.5
f35 02
f35 03
f35 01
def 01
def 02
79 01
79 02
79 03
advent 01
advent 02
CC Boat 01
CC Boat 02
CC Boat 03
CC Boat 04
Big Mac.1
Big Mac.2
Big Mac.3
Big Mac.4
Big Mac.5
Big Mac.6
Big Mac.7
Big Mac.8
Random Alien Spacecraft

These CAD models and renders are compiled here to show some of my CAD and rendering skills. They are made using Solidworks and rendered using Keyshot.

They are not all perfect, and some are only partially complete, as I've just chipped away at them over the years in between teaching and research work.

A lot of these models were created just for fun/procrastination.

They reflect my hobbies, passions, interests, and lifestyle.

They also provided a good challenge in making them as they incorporate a lot of surface modelling techniques and fine detail, especially the boats.

I've tried to push my modelling skills to ensure I can help students in whatever aspect they need assistance in when it comes to CAD modelling and rendering.

Let me know if you'd like more information about these models through my contact page.

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