'Odyssey' Light

'Odyssey' is an interactive entertainment hanging light which reacts to a nearby entertainment system. The light level varies dependant on the amount of light being projected from a TV, either while watching a movie or playing video games, and it mimics the level of light exposure.


Designed to make your lounge room or entertaining area more engaging through the synchronization of lighting within the entertaining space.


Extended description:


"Create a light that can be used for a specific commercial space. The light needs to be easy to assemble and disassemble at its end of life, and must also utilise batch manufacturing processes. It needs to be light, sustainable and innovative and represent the cultural influences of the selected target market."

The initial starting point for this project was choosing a particular target market to design for. Given that it was a lighting assessment, I looked into how lights are used under different circumstances. One such fins was the influence that outside lighting can have on video gamers, affecting not only vision but also ambience, atmosphere and aesthetics within the room.

The genre of video games is also important, with the particular genre in this case being the fantasy and action-adventure gamers that would be targeted. 

The electronics within the concept play a large role in the lights features, with a light sensor mounted on the Odyssey light picking up the amount of light from the TV screen and reacting to match the light level output. The light basically reacts to the scenes in the game, creating low light environments when the game is dark and intense, and also creating lighting effects through pulsating gunfire or explosions during the action scenes of the game. This creates more atmosphere for the gamer to be engrossed in.

The final light design was inspired by games such as 'God of War' and 'Dante’s Inferno', with the sharp points and curled hooks of the light resembling the weaponry used in these games. Odyssey is a hanging light and measures around 500mm tall at full scale. A half scale prototype was created to test the lighting outcome of the design. The light can be produced in timber or coloured acrylic, due to the shapes being laser cut pre-assembly.