'Slotted' Wave Clock

'Slotted' is a daydream inducing desktop clock designed for the avid surfer or beach lover. Either laser cut or CNC machined (depending on material) from a variety of materials (Ply, MDF, Acrylic, etc.), this flat-pack clock consists of 10 wave parts and a rubber guide which can allow the wave to be shaped, mirrored and positioned dependant on the user's desired wave formation.


Two versions of the clock were designed, one being a 'paint it yourself' MDF version and the other featuring cut-out waves which in-turn provide a secondary display wave model which can accompany the main clock piece.


Extended description:

"Create a small product made from timber which focuses on the strategic principles for sustainable development. Use value adding processes to enable batch production, such as CNC routing, laminating or steam bending. Focus on designing for the target market, the production needs, costs, delivery and packaging."


'Slotted' was designed for the target market of beach and ocean lovers. Combining a sustainable design with batch manufacturing techniques made this clock a unique desktop feature. It's a functional working clock but also allows the owner with a way to escape the daily grind, stimulating memories of their last surf or day at the beach.

Two designs were created for the 'Slotted' wave clock. The original design features 10 wave pieces, which can be painted or left as the timber finish, with each piece slotting into a rubber guide to allow the user to bend and shape the wave the way they like. The second design has been hollowed out through the middle of the waves, creating another unique way to set the clock up but it also provides a smaller wave which can be made from the cut-outs (shown in the gallery). 


Both clocks are either laser cut (preferred option) or CNC routed out of 3mm ply. MDF could also be used however there are some health issues regarding the fumes from laser cutting. Another option would also be acrylic, which would give the transparency of actual water. The rubber used is also 3mm think, and is water-jet laser cut. The clock components were purchased separately.

The clock is aimed at giving the user something to inspire exploration and freedom. It promotes positive thinking and lets the user daydream about their own experiences at the beach or in the ocean, whether it be the amazing surf session they had days or weeks ago, or that great day at the beach when the weather was perfect and waves were clean and smooth. It offers up the chance to fantasise about new experiences which the future may hold due to its smooth lines and perfect barrel form. It leaves the user in a state of bliss and calmness, making it easier to get through the day at the office or workplace.