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'Spot' Light

'Spot' Light front iso.
'Spot' Light rear iso.
'Spot' Light Storage Area
'Spot' Light GoPro mounts
'Spot' Light side view
'Spot' Light side view
'Spot' Light front
Spot human perspective
'Spot' Light Exploded View
'Spot' Light Exploded View

'Spot' is a portable lighting device with separate storage, designed for the night-time skateboarder, bmx rider or extreme athlete in need of a tough, easy to use lighting device. The light features 12 LED bulbs so that it can light up spaces up to 7m X 7m, enough to brighten up a bowl or ramp when the sun has gone down.


'Spot' also features storage space in the rear of the light for extra batteries, camera equipment or tools which may be needed whilst out exploring an urban jungle.


Extended description:

"Overcome a specific lighting problem that exists today through the use of directed research and design concepts. Good design will result in a possible solution for the stated problem."

Problem: Lack of lighting around skate parks and street skating spots in Australia.

For this project I tackled the problem of skating after dark. This was decided on as a problem due to many skaters working full time, and then not be able to skate parks because it is too dark after work. The light needed to be very bright, have a good energy life and also be rugged enough to handle being taken around to parks and spots multiple times. 

Due to the depicted target market of skaters or bmx riders, the light needed to be styled to suit this type of person, as well as provide enough function to be a good reason to go skating after dark.

The final design concept features 4 lights, each with 3 LED bulbs that produce 307 lumens each. The four lights are housed behind a tough acrylic cover, and the main body of the light is made from silicone rubber to absorb any knocks or bumps during use. The frame of the light is made from polypropylene, and features two connections to attach GoPro mounts to in order to film the spot that is being lit up. These attachments offer the user the chance to do solo filming or for a cameraman to snap multiple angles for the one trick.


A storage section was also created due to the empty space at the rear of the light body. This space is enough to fit an entire GoPro with water-proof housing and a few small connectors and adaptors, or possibly a skate tool or spare camera batteries.  

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